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Editorial -- Fish, or fowl?

Thu Nov 01, 2007, The Scituate Mariner

Scituate - Maybe the Boston Archdiocese has the law on its side in its legal battle with the town over the property taxes it wants repaid for St. Frances of Cabrini Church, that the building and property are still tax-exempt as long as they aren’t used for anything other than a religious purpose and remain property of the Archdiocese.
But it still stinks.

The Archdiocese effectively abandoned St. Frances three years ago, when it opted to close the church. Were it not for parishioners conducting a vigil and holding their own lay-led services in protest of the closing, the church building, parish center, rectory, parking lots and open space would probably be sitting unused and unwanted.

Yet now, the Archdiocese is interested in the church again, but only because the town wants property taxes for it. It hasn’t been interested in reopening the church, even as parishioners have proven beyond all doubt that St. Frances deserves a new life.

Legal issues or not, the Archdiocese should have to answer the question of whether it considers St. Frances of Cabrini to be a church.

If it does, as parishioner Jon Rogers said, send a priest so the church can host Mass on Sunday.

If not, sell off the property to someone who wants to make use of it.