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After Closing 2 Years Ago, Local Church Pushes On

WBZ | Sera Congi | Apr 8, 2007

BOSTON - Some local Catholics found their own way to celebrate Easter, despite the fact that their church is closed. Parishioners at St. Frances in Scituate have been holding vigil inside their church for nearly 900 days.

They hope to convince the archdiocese to reopen it. Nothing could shake their faith this Easter Sunday.

This church community in Scituate came together to celebrate Easter but the service at St Frances was lacking one important component - a priest.

The diocese officially closed the church two and a half years ago, but since then parishioners have held services - and kept vigil around the clock - 892 days -- in a fight to keep the church open.

"We're feeling very strong about our commitment and what will ultimately be our triumph," said Jon Rogers of the Friends of St. Frances.

Christine Kane and her family hold vigil every Saturday - sometimes overnight.

"Once in awhile you get down - you think its going on and on - you step into this church and it lifts you up," she said.

The congregation holds a mass each Sunday - even receiving communion. Supplies and maintenance are paid for with funds raised by parishioners.

There are two lawsuits pending - one before the Vatican and one before the state court. Whatever the outcome - parishioners here say they will persevere.

"People ask me how long will this go on. My response to that is forever," Rogers said.

The council of parishes tells us St. Frances is one of nine Boston-area churches that have lawsuits pending before the Vatican Judicial Supreme Court.

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