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Keep military out of schools

Patricia Smith

She is devoted to St. Frances

A recent Bella English column (‘‘Their faith holds fast,’’ Globe South, Oct. 29) was wonderful and invigorating. I am a St. Frances parishioner and feel so blessed to be part of this group. I am a lifelong Scituate resident who was baptized at St. Mary’s in Scituate Harbor. I choose every Sunday to go to St. Frances instead of St. Mary’s. Contrary to every other Catholic church, they never mention money at St. Frances and I find myself giving more than I ever gave to any church. Thank you for the beautiful piece.

Mary Dean

Learn to Cope called godsend

Although I am thousands of miles away, I wanted to let you know that Joanne Peterson and the Learn to Cope group have been the best support I could ever ask for ("Tonight, they'll hit the street vs. drugs," Globe South, Nov. 2).

I am originally from Cape Cod, and when I married into the military, we moved. I have a 23-year-old son who is a heroin addict and lives in the Boston area. When he was on the streets, my friends from LTC gathered around their computers and e-mailed me with love, support, and information. They offered to pick him up, to make phone calls for me, to do whatever needed to be done. Being so far away was hard, but knowing they were there made things a little easier.

I found LTC a little over a year ago through another website. From the first e-mail explaining my story and how I was feeling, I knew I was home; it was returned with so many women telling me I was not alone, and they knew exactly how I felt. When they hold vigils and when they have meetings on Monday nights, I know that my son and I are in their prayers and they know, although I am not there physically, that I am there in spirit.

My son is currently in a program. A lot of that is due to the support I get from the LTC group. Thank you for getting the Learn to Cope name out and for allowing me to tell my story. They are truly a godsend not only to me, but I think also to many people all over the country.

Michelle Shelby
Burkburnett, Texas

Grateful for story on group

Thank you so much for your article ("Tonight, they'll hit the street vs. drugs," Globe South, Nov. 2). The more people who write about it and share it, the more people we can educate.

I live in Florida and found this group when I had my son arrested to save his life. His drug of choice was Oxycodone.

My son, who is 22 years old, became addicted after months of prescription drugs from doctors due to a serious car accident. Bobby is now clean for eight months and thriving, thank God! It was the Learn to Cope group that got me through some dark days.

Thanks again for your story.

Lynn Locascio
Crystal Beach, Fla.